Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In three days, five Marquette University Nursing students will begin a much-anticipated journey. We have known about our placement in this Community Health clinical in Piura, Peru since November, and now, it's finally real! Meg, Marianne, Rachael, Maria, and I (Chelsea) will be flying out of the US on Sunday morning to explore Cuzco and Machu Picchu before undertaking our month-long clinical. Here's a snapshot of our schedule:

June 19-20: Travel to Cuzco
June 20-23: Galavant around Machu Picchu
June 24: Fly to Piura 
July 24: Home

   I can't wait to share our adventures here! Our clinical is six days a week and includes working in the hospice, home visits to nearby villages, and work in the local emergency room. On top of all that wonderful nursing work, we all have put together individual teaching projects to present to the various population groups that we will be working with. But, there are more details to come relating to our clinical endeavors. 
   For now, I'm extremely enthralled with the fact that we will be acting as public health nurses in Piura. I travelled to Piura in 2007 with my high school, and upon leaving, I absolutely knew in my heart that I would be returning again. Fate led me to Marquette's College of Nursing and with a little luck, I was accepted into this program and will see Piura again, but this time, as a future nurse. I, along with my tripmates, are so excited to be serving this beautiful community. Stay tuned for more entries and pictures! 

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  1. Love it Chels! You know I'll be creeping, have fun!